6 tips for a zero-waste lifestyle

Here at Pure Planet Club we’re always super keen to learn new ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, reduce our carbon footprint and move towards zero-waste living. So in this month’s newsletter, we’re sharing 6 fab ways to live a zero-waste lifestyle.

This month on the blog we also share the benefits of choosing bamboo toilet paper over toilet paper made from virgin wood pulp. You’ll be surprised at how many benefits it has for our environment and you can read more here.

6 Tips for a zero-waste lifestyle

1 - Go for waste-free kitchen options

Ditch disposables and single-use items such as paper towels, bin liners, aluminium sheets and disposable plates and cups. Swap paper towels for reusable rags made from clean, old t-shirts, swap plastic sandwich bags for kitchen towels or stainless containers and use Pyrex dishes to store leftovers in the fridge.

2 - Buy in bulk

Buy groceries in bulk at your local co-op, or bring your own containers to the counter at the deli or supermarket. Bring cloth bags with you when shopping, take jars for ‘wet’ items such as meat, deli, fish, cheese, and bottles to store liquids such as oil, soy sauce, shampoo and conditioner.

Health foods in cloth bags and glass jars

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3 - Invest in a good water bottle

A good water bottle, flask and thermos will stand you in good stead, saving the environment and your wallet. Bring a flask of tea on hikes or picnics, a thermos for leftover soup or stir-fry for a desk lunch. And take your reusable water bottle everywhere – on the bus, commute or at the gym.

4 - Use alternatives to chemical cleaners

Harsh cleaning products are tough on the environment and invariably come in plastic containers. Try Castile soap on floors and sinks, white vinegar mix as an all-purpose cleaner, baking soda for scrubbing, and vinegar or clove oil for mildew.

Ingredients to make home made cleaning products

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5 - Buy plastic-free toilet tissue in bulk

Use 100% bamboo toilet paper individually wrapped in paper (order a regular subscription and save big).

6 - Reuse, recycle, reduce

Get creative around the house – let nothing go to waste. Use scrap paper to write down your meal plans and grocery shopping, empty water bottles out onto your plants at the end of the day and open your oven after baking in winter to warm the kitchen.

“There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere” – Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability and author of The Story of Stuff.

Thanks for keeping our oceans clean and forests green!
Pure Planet Club Team