Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Planet Tissue

Where is it made?

The raw materials used in each roll of toilet tissue are sourced from well-managed and sustainable plantations in Asia and we manufacture in China, since this region is one of the World’s leading producers and growers of Bamboo & Sugarcane.  We found that sourcing the materials in Australia would not only make the final product more expensive, but also create delays in getting your toilet rolls delivered as quickly as possible. And running out of toilet paper, is no fun at all.

As a 100% Australian-owned Company, our mission is to help Australians do their bit for the environment without reducing their quality of lifestyle. That’s why we’ve employed stringent quality controls at every stage of development, ranging from sourcing superior resources, right down to the working conditions of the factory we manufacture these rolls in.

What are the product specifications?

Each toilet roll has 300 sheets and each sheet is 110mm wide by 100mm long. Every roll is 3-ply to ensure quality softness whilst being super strong.

Every box comes with 36 Pure Planet toilet rolls with 6 different, yet beautiful designs that you can re-use for arts and craft! We’ve really spent a lot of time making some gorgeous toilet rolls in the hope that you re-use the wrapping paper in a variety of ways. Move over gift-wrap, Pure Planet toilet rolls have you covered (pun intended)!

So what’s in these rolls if you don’t use trees?

When we heard that around 27,000 trees are flushed down the loo every day around the world to make toilet paper, we were understandably shocked. We thought - there has to be a way that Australia’s most loved paper doesn’t have to be the product of fallen trees.

After a year of full dedication towards transforming tissue, we discovered a breakthrough that could change the toilet paper industry forever. Now a grand total of zero trees are used in each sheet of Pure Planet toilet tissue. Instead, we use 100% renewable, biodegradable and super fast-growing Bamboo & Sugarcane fibres that come together to create an ‘oh-so soft’, yet ‘wow-so strong’ toilet tissue. You can see more about our toilet tissue, here.

Why not wrap it in plastic like we see at supermarkets?

In the pursuit to make the most environmentally-friendly toilet roll, we've abandoned the thought of using plastic packaging because it doesn’t break down (not biodegradable), is dangerous to aquatic life, and is an avid carrier of harmful toxins.

Instead we use a paper-style of wrapping made from Bamboo and recycled post-consumer waste, which is individually hand-wrapped before being placed into your box. Yes that’s right, the employees in our factory wrap each roll with their own hands, to preserve and maintain hygiene whilst providing the employees with income.

Pandas normally eat a lot of bamboo – are you using their food in your toilet rolls?

Most certainly not, since this would be like swapping one poison for the other. The Bamboo and Sugarcane materials are sourced from well-managed and sustainable plantations, which have been established to be harvested for commercial use rather than as a food source for Pandas. We like Pandas and we think they’re very cute, which is why we would never produce a product that harms such an endangered species.

What’s the difference between using trees and Bamboo/Sugarcane – isn’t it still bad for the environment?

There are some pretty significant differences, and we’ve laid them out in a nice visual graphic for you, which can see here.


Why do I need a subscription for toilet paper?

We’ve all been there. We take a seat on the loo, going about our business like we do every day. Then suddenly; panic and perhaps even some course language entails as you come to the realisation that, there’s no more toilet paper.

Now imagine receiving a new box of premium quality toilet rolls on a regular basis, delivered straight your door. Aside from not having to worry about those nasty no-toilet-paper realisations, getting a fresh box delivered to your door would mean you could kiss goodbye transportation problems, create loads more space in your shopping trolley and have an extra hand free to hold a young loved one. You can stress less, as we have your toilet tissue supply sorted!

Can you tell me more about the subscriptions – will I be locked in like a phone plan?

Getting a box of toilet rolls has never been easier. You simply choose a subscription based on the number of adults in your household, and we will send you a regular box based on the plan you choose.

The best part about these subscriptions is that there are no lock-in contracts and no hidden fees, meaning you can cancel any time you want. It’s like buying a single box, but instead, we send you a new box every time you’re about to run out, without any extra charges.

Also if you ever feel the need to change your subscription, or your usage of toilet paper will be increasing or decreasing, we’ve made it really easy to change plans to whichever may suit you. If the plans still don’t quite cut it, then don’t worry because we can easily sort out a customised plan for you in no time!

How do I change my subscription?

We’ve taken a lot of time to make sure each plan is suited perfectly for the number of people in your household. However usage can fluctuate from time to time so for those situations, we’ve made it super easy to manage your subscription.

When you have purchased a box of Pure Planet toilet rolls, you can manage your subscriptions, track your payment history and make changes to your details by logging on to our customer service portal here:


All of the subscriptions are the same price – so what’s the difference?

Every plan gets the exact same box of 36 soft and strong toilet rolls, delivered straight to your doorstep. Sydney residents enjoy the fastest delivery! The only difference is the amount of usage, which is based on the number of people in the household. This basically means that the more people you have in your household, the quicker we’ll send you a new box of toilet rolls so you never have to worry about running out. We’ve calculated the appropriate usage for each household and you can see the different frequencies below:

  • 1 Person Household Subscription – we send you a new box every 16 weeks
  • 2 Person Household Subscription – we send you a new box every 8 weeks
  • 3 Person Household Subscription – we send you a new box every 5 weeks
  • 4 Person Household Subscription – we send you a new box every 4 weeks
  • 5 to 6 Person Household Subscription - we send you a new box every 3 weeks

The 2 person household plan suits me but I have heaps of house parties coming up. What do I do?

No problem, you can easily move up immediately to the 4 person subscription for the next month without any additional charges by logging in to your very own customer service portal here:

Alternatively, send us an email and we can deliver you an emergency box for the same price, irrespective of your current plan to help with the upcoming ‘Loo Armageddon’! Note that it will take approximately 1-4 business days to deliver your box so please let us know a little bit in advance.

I love this toilet tissue so much – how do I get a subscription that is suitable for my business?

Too easy! Just send us an email and we will work with you promptly and efficiently to arrange a custom plan for your business. It’s the least we could do, because we love our Tree-Freers!

How long does it take to get my toilet rolls?

We ship your order as soon as your order has been processed and we aim to deliver your box within 1 to 4 Business Days to most destinations in Australia. In the unlikely chance that you haven’t received your order after 10 business days, please send us an email at and we will do everything we can to get your delivery sorted.

How do I know if my delivery is on the way?

As soon as your order has been processed and you receive an invoice to the supplied email address, we will send you a confirmation email telling you that your order has been shipped. 

What do I do if I've paid and don’t hear about my order getting shipped?

We are extremely dedicated to getting your order to you without any problems whatsoever, but in the rare case that this situation occurs, please email us at and we will be there to help you receive your order as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What if my delivery or card details change during my subscription?

No worries! We’ve created a convenient self-service account for everyone and you can change any important delivery, billing and subscription details by logging in to your very own customer service portal here:


Privacy and Security

What happens with my credit card details?

We understand that buying anything online these days can be a little daunting for most of us, which is why we have gone to the most secure extent in safeguarding all of the details you provide us, especially your credit card details.

We’ve chosen a totally secure, home-grown, Australian Payment Gateway known as Pin Payments, who store all credit card details in a super secure and digitally encrypted vault that neither us, nor the folks at Pin Payments, can access. For more information on payment security, you can have a read about it here.

Where can I read your Privacy and Terms of Service Policies

You can read the Privacy Policy here and our Terms of Service Policy here.

Something we haven’t answered? Ask us!

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, so if you have any questions, queries or general feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts! Simply drop us a line at