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Pure Planet Club: elevating your bathroom experience with eco-friendly toilet paper

In a time where sustainability is so vital for the future of our planet, your everyday purchases can make a significant impact. At Pure Planet Club, we've revolutionized these daily essentials, starting with toilet paper.

100% Bamboo Toilet Paper: We believe in doing right by the Earth without compromising comfort. Our flagship product, the Marine Range - 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper, embodies this ethos perfectly. Unlike conventional toilet paper, which relies on slow-growing trees that take years to mature, bamboo grows quickly, reaching maturity within months. This translates to a significantly reduced carbon footprint, less water usage and minimal land clearing. It's a small switch with a big impact.

100% Recycled Toilet Paper: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our Earth Range toilet paper, made entirely from 100% recycled paper. This eco-conscious choice minimizes waste and gives new life to discarded paper products. The result? A guilt-free toilet paper option that's not just recyclable but also biodegradable and kind to our planet.

Plastic-free packaging: When it comes to packaging, we've eliminated plastic entirely. Each toilet paper roll comes hand-wrapped in environmentally friendly paper with marine-inspired designs (bamboo) and Earth inspired designs (recycled), so they’re not only eco-friendly but look great in your bathroom too.

Sustainable and guilt-Free: Beyond sustainability, our toilet paper is septic-safe, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and BPA-free. You can use it with a clear conscience, knowing it's the best choice for both you and the environment.

Extra-long rolls: We understand the importance of convenience. That's why our toilet paper rolls are extra-long, so you get value for money and need to change them less frequently.

Convenient delivery: Say goodbye to late-night supermarket dashes to the store for an emergency toilet paper roll. With Pure Planet Club, you can set up a subscription for hassle-free, eco-friendly toilet paper delivery right to your doorstep. Simply add to your cart and forget it. You'll never need to worry about running low on loo roll again.

Softness and comfort: Softness and comfort are non-negotiable when it comes to toilet paper. Our bamboo and recycled toilet paper consistently outperform regular options, so it’s gentle for you and the Earth.

By choosing Pure Planet Club, you're prioritizing the planet every time you visit the bathroom. It's a small change with far-reaching consequences, and it's your chance to be part of the eco-revolution.