Sea Foam and sand
Sea Foam and sand


During the week, it’s easy to let those hours slip by in a haze of dinners, more work or study, or TV. Even carving out one evening a week to create memories with micro-adventures can have a huge difference to your wellbeing and contribute to a healthier planet. Explore our curated list of eco-friendly mini adventures, designed to fit into your schedule from 5-9pm.
This month sees us celebrate World Environmental Education Day, on January 26, which has been celebrated since 1972. It highlights the importance of education that enables individuals to explore the state of nature, identify environmental problems and be actively involved in solving them.
Here are some handy hints to help you avoid overconsumption and stay sustainable this year. Remember every little action counts and it all adds up.
Welcome to our November newsletter, our second last one for 2024! We hope all is well in your part of the world. Lately, on our eco blog, we’ve been chatting about ingredients to look for and avoid in bathroom products. Because our skin absorbs around 60-70% of everything we put on it, it’s important to opt for nourishing, natural ingredients where possible. Our new Elliqua Cleansing Body Bars are chock-full of beautiful ingredients including olive and coconut oils and shea butter, keeping skin soft and supple with every wash.
Doing your part for the environment doesn’t have to mean making huge changes – little swaps and tweaks to your daily life can add up and have a big impact too.