International Environmental Education Day

Welcome to our January newsletter and the first for 2024! We hope you had a peaceful and relaxing holiday season with your loved ones.

This month sees us celebrate World Environmental Education Day, on January 26, which has been celebrated since 1972. It highlights the importance of education that enables individuals to explore the state of nature, identify environmental problems and be actively involved in solving them.

Here are five ways to celebrate this important day and share knowledge and education among your community and in particular.

1 - Plant a tree
What better way to celebrate International Environmental Education Day than by planting a tree? Get together with family, friends and plant a tree in your garden or a local park or green space. Make sure you check with your local council before planting in public areas. Some councils organize tree planting events too.

father and son planting tree
📷 Max kegfire via Shutterstock
2 - Arrange or join an outdoor activity
Get involved in outdoor activities that connect people with nature. This could include guided nature walks or bird-watching sessions, or even a simple stroll by a beach or in a forest. Emphasize hands-on experiences to foster a deeper appreciation for the environment and ecosystems.
bird watching at sunset
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3 - Share educational resources with others
Share quizzes, infographics, or interactive maps and discuss with the little ones in your life. Share content on your social media platforms too to inspire others.
4 - Partner with educational institutions to spread awareness
Offer to conduct special environmental education sessions in classrooms or collaborate on projects that focus on sustainability.
5 - Organize or join a community clean-up event
Get involved with cleaning up water bodies or green spaces, or creating community gardens and joining ‘working bees’. Use these projects as an opportunity to educate participants about the importance of environmental stewardship.

community beach clean up kids
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Children grow up hearing how broken the environment is, how broken beyond repair. Plant strawberries together, make wild medicines, paint the sunrise. Show them proof that for every act of destruction, they can sow a seed, however small, of beauty,” - Nicolette Sowder