5 Ways To Save Money And Be Sustainable

Welcome to our October newsletter, hard to believe we are on the downhill run to the silly season! Recently on the eco blog we’ve been chatting about 10 easy ways to be eco-friendly every day. Doing your part for the environment doesn’t have to mean making huge changes – little swaps and tweaks to your daily life can add up and have a big impact too. Speaking of swaps, another one of our current faves is swapping from cleansing liquids to bars, you can read all about the benefits of exfoliating bar soap here

5 ways to be sustainable even during a cost-of-living crisis
Almost half of us are struggling to make sustainable choices during the cost-of-living crisis, according to a survey by Kantar. While it might be tempting to shift to cheaper, less sustainable choices, there are still plenty of ways to be a conscious consumer while saving money.

1 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Continue to prioritize the three Rs, Reduce your consumption by only buying essentials. Reuse items whenever possible and recycle to reduce waste. Take advantage of community resources such as libraries, community gardens and recycling centers to save money and reduce waste.

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2 - Try thrifting
Thrift stores and online second-hand marketplaces offer affordable and eco-friendly shopping options for clothing, furniture and much more. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start and the algorithms quickly work out your style!

3 - Consider a no-spend month
A no-spend month is a great way to get off the spending treadmill. Commit to buying only essentials for 30 days – rent/mortgage, food, transport and utility costs. Delete or hide any shopping or food delivery apps from your phone to resist temptation. And remember, preparation is key. Stock up on library reads, make a list of movies on free-to-air TV you want to watch, and buy and make your own coffee and meals at home.

4 - Conserve water and energy
Continue practising water and electricity conservation habits to lower your utility bills and reduce resource consumption.

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5 - Support eco-friendly brands
Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to cost the earth, and often buying cheap means you’ll have to buy twice. Consider eco-delivery services such as our bulk toilet roll – you’ll save too by getting 10% off if you get a regular subscription.

“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.” — Jochen Zeitz