Easy low-cost ways to green up your home

Try benchtop composting -
If you live in a small space, a benchtop compost bin in the kitchen is perfect for stashing all your veggie peelings, coffee grounds and eggshells. Some councils offer basic compost bins for apartment dwellings for free, or you can purchase them for around $35 online.

Bring the outdoors inside -
Create an indoor oasis in your home by filling it with plants, succulents and potted trees. Line your kitchen windowsill with pots of herbs, and grow seedlings in glass jars. Ask friends for cuttings, or pinch a few next time you’re out on a walk. Succulents, ivy and geraniums are all easy to propagate from cuttings.

Window Sill Potted Plants

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Go for plastic-free beauty care -
Easy swaps, such as replacing cotton make-up pads with reusable, washable face pads, save money, time and the planet. Swap out plastic tubes of lip balm for our Organic Lips Balms which are made only from the finest natural products such as beeswax and shea butter. Plus you can recycle or compost the packaging when you’re done.

Let the sunshine in -
Once a week at least, open all windows and doors in your home to let plenty of fresh air and sunshine inside. Use an air purifier or essential oils to keep the air fresh and circulating.

Natural Lighting Home Office

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Give your bathroom a makeover -
Swap out your old cotton towels for luxe bamboo bath and hand towels, get rid of any old lotions and cosmetics, pop some plants on the bathroom shelves, and stock up on Pure Planet Club Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper. Our beautiful marine designs look gorgeous in any bathroom.

Introduce earthy elements -
Get creative when it comes to your décor. Add a small tabletop fountain in your living room, group beeswax candles together on a shelf, or place clay pots and glass vases filled with pebbles or shells on your dining table.

Earthy Home Decor

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Use natural cleaning products -
Natural cleaning products are just as effective as conventional ones, but they don’t contain harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment and your health. You can even make your own cleaning products using items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

Buy eco-friendly furnishings - 
Environmentally friendly furniture made with natural materials such as wood not only lasts longer, it looks and feels better. The best sustainable furniture choices are created from recycled items like salvaged wood, recycled textiles and reused materials like wood pallets. For soft furnishings, opt for natural fabrics such as bamboo and linen cushions, and hemp or wool rugs.

Recycled Wood Furniture

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