5 great reasons to buy bulk toilet paper online

Rushing to the supermarket to buy over-priced conventional paper – and often being faced with empty shelves – is so 2020. In the first few weeks of the pandemic last year, essentials were the first things to run low, including toilet paper, and a quick run to the supermarket wasn’t quite as simple as it used to be. But avoiding a fight in aisle seven is just one of many reasons why you should buy bulk toilet paper online. Read on to find out more…

1 - It’s super convenient

Ordering everything from food to clothes and coffee to pet products has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and never more so than now. With many people staying home, these services help make our lives easier. And it makes perfect sense for this to extend to bathroom products. No more desperate dashes to the supermarket, and no lugging massive bags of loo rolls back from the shops or up the stairs.

Convenient Home Delivery

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2 - You’ll never be caught short again

Running out of toilet paper is not a fun experience – you have to choose between those scratchy paper napkins from the junk drawer in the kitchen, asking the neighbors if you can borrow a roll… or even less savory options. Having a regular bulk toilet paper subscription means you can simply fill in a form online, set and forget. Your toilet paper will be delivered straight to your door on a regular basis and well in advance - and there is a comfort in knowing you’re always well stocked.

3 - It’s great for the environment

Most bulk toilet paper is manufactured by environmentally conscious companies, and is either made from recycled paper or made from a sustainable product like bamboo. And typically, because they’re eco-friendly, you are unlikely to find them wrapped in plastic packaging. Pure Planet Club tree-free toilet paper is hand-wrapped individually in paper. While toilet paper is something most of us don’t want to go without, it doesn’t have mean we need to resort to using plastic.

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4 - Bulk toilet paper looks great in your bathroom

Ok, we can’t speak for every single bulk toilet paper delivery service, but generally speaking, they’re much more aesthetically pleasing than regular plain toilet paper rolls from the supermarket. Our pretty marine-inspired designs look great in any bathroom and the paper can be reused for wrapping. Stack them up by color or line them up according to your favorite marine creature.

5 - You’ll save money

Buying bulk toilet paper online is much cheaper than buying small packs or individual rolls, so it’s great way to save cash. With our three-ply bamboo toilet paper you’ll save 10% if you subscribe to one box or more for the life of your subscription. A single purchase of 36 double-length rolls is just $58 and lasts for at least a few months for a regular household of four. Subscribe and you’ll pay just $52.20 per box.

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