Five ways to save money and protect the planet

Plastic Free July is a wonderful initiative that started in 2011 in Western Australia and has swept the globe ever since. The aim is to refuse single-use plastics and go plastic-free as much as possible through the month, then take those ideas with you through the rest of the year. On our blog this month we’re sharing some great tips on throwing a fun plastic-free party. 

Five ways to save money + protect the planet

Being eco-friendly often involves reducing consumption, which in turns mean saving cash. Here are five ways you can save money and reduce your environmental impact all at the same time.
1 - Try meatless Mondays.
Reducing your consumption of meat – especially beef, is great for the environment, plus veggies, rice, pasta and beans are far less expensive to buy. Reducing meat consumption and increasing the amount of veggies you eat is better for your health, too.

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2 - Make your own chemical-free cleaners.
If you want to save money while also avoiding harsh chemicals, consider making your own household cleaners. Homemade cleaning supplies are mostly made up of ingredients you probably already have at home such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

3 - Commit to a no-spend month.
Challenge yourself to spend money only on necessities for a month. Obviously you pay your rent and bills and buy groceries, but buying clothes, getting takeout coffee and Uber Eats are out. You’ll drastically reduce your consumption and save a ton of money too. Cook at home, watch movies, borrow books from the library or go for walks with a friend.

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4 - Host a clothes swap.
Wardrobe looking tired? Instead of splurging on fast fashion, get a group of friends together and have a clothes swap party. Everyone brings pre-loved items that no longer fit or work for them and swaps with others. Donate any leftovers to charity.

5 - Clear out your fridge.
Up to 40 per cent of food bought every year ends up in landfill. To avoid waste, always shop with a list and make meal plans. Put food that’s close to expiry at the front of the fridge or pantry so it gets used up first. Make extra food for dinner and use the leftovers for lunch the next day.

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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan