Why you should switch to bar soaps

Incorporating cleansing bar soaps into your daily routine is a small but impactful step towards reducing your environmental footprint. They generally come in sustainable packaging such as cardboard, or are even sold package-free. Bar soaps also cost a lot less than liquid washes and tend to last much longer – up to three times as long. Liquid soap is also heavier than bar soap because the main ingredient is water and it creates more carbon emissions during transport. Bar soaps aren’t just for hand washing either, you can substitute bar soaps for almost every kind of liquid wash you can think of. Read on to find out more about the benefits of bar soaps. 

1 - Traditional soap bars  
Most of us probably grew up with the classic bar soap in a dish in the bathroom or kitchen. However, these days bar soaps are usually gentler and more eco-friendly, made from a blend of natural oils such as coconut oil and essential oils or herbal and botanical extracts. They do just as good a job at cleansing the skin and are more eco-friendly than liquid washes which often come in plastic bottles. There are cleansing bar soaps for the face and body, and exfoliating bar soaps to buff the skin.  

2 - Shampoo bars 
Extending the concept of eco-friendliness to your hair care routine, shampoo bars have gained popularity in recent years. These bars offer a sustainable alternative to liquid shampoos, are travel-friendly, and often come infused with natural ingredients to nourish and cleanse your hair. 

3 - Conditioning bars 
A great alternative to traditional liquid or cream conditioners, conditioning bars are easy to use. Simply hold under warm water and rub between your hands to release the conditioner, then apply to clean, wet hair and rinse.  

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4 - Shaving bars 
Shaving bars are a great option for a luxe, sustainable shave. These compact, eco-friendly bars are designed to replace conventional shaving creams and gels, for a greener shaving experience. Like other sustainably created soap bars, they are packed with nourishing oils and extracts to leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh. 

5 - Pet-friendly soap bars 
Pet soap bars are great for eco-minded pet owners who want to be more sustainable. They are specifically formulated to cater to your pet's sensitive skin and fur. Enriched with gentle botanicals and oils, pet bar soaps offer a cleansing experience that is both effective and soothing. They generally contain gentle ingredients such as coconut oil, neem and tea tree oil. Be sure to consult your vet before trying new products on your pet. You may want to do a patch test first too. 

6 - Laundry bar soaps 
While laundry soaps have been around for a long time, the more traditional versions can be tough on hands. The more modern, eco-friendly versions are gentle on hands and clothing but still get the job done and are great if you want to make your laundry plastic-free. You can also buy all-in-one laundry bar and stain removers which can be used for spot cleaning, hand washing and stain removal.  

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Keen to try out eco-friendly and nourishing cleansing bars? Remember these top tips: 

Read the ingredients list: Look for bars made from natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Avoid products which include parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances, or ingredients which can jeopardise animal habitats, such as palm oil. 

Opt for eco-friendly packaging: One of the best features of bar soaps is their minimal packaging. Choose soap bars that are sold loose and package-free, or packaged in recyclable or compostable materials to minimise waste. 

Storing bar soaps: To prolong the life of your bar soaps, store them in a well-drained soap dish or tray and allow them to dry between uses to prevent them from becoming mushy. 

Support small businesses: Many local and small-scale and sustainable businesses produce high-quality bar soaps. Supporting these businesses not only helps the environment but also contributes to local economies. 


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