Why everyone should get a toilet paper delivery

Still going to the shops to buy your toilet paper? There’s plenty of reasons why you should opt for a home toilet paper delivery instead. We’ve answered all your questions here…

Q - Is toilet paper delivery convenient?  
Yes, absolutely! Just think, no more racing to the shops to lug home big cartons of toilet paper. We already order clothes, groceries and just about anything else you can think of online – toilet paper is no different. Having a regular bulk toilet paper subscription means you can simply fill in a form online, set it and forget it. Your toilet paper will be delivered straight to your door on a regular basis and well in advance. Ordering in bulk means you will always have plenty of toilet paper on hand. You’ll never be caught short again!

Q - Is toilet paper delivery expensive?
No – getting your toilet paper delivered regularly is much cheaper than buying small packs or individual rolls, so it’s great way to save money. With our three-ply bamboo toilet paper you’ll save 10 per cent if you subscribe to one box or more for the life of your subscription. A single purchase of 36 double-length rolls is just $60 and lasts for at least a few months for a regular household of four. Subscribe and you’ll pay just $54.00 per box.

Environmentally Friendly Toilet Paper

Q - Is getting a toilet paper delivery good for the environment?
Yes, in most cases a toilet paper delivery will be a better choice for our planet. Most bulk toilet paper delivery services are provided by environmentally conscious companies, where the toilet paper is either made from recycled paper or made from a sustainable product like bamboo. And typically, because they’re eco-friendly, you are unlikely to find them wrapped in plastic packaging. Pure Planet Club tree-free toilet paper is hand-wrapped individually in paper. While toilet paper is an essential item that most of us don’t want to go without, it doesn’t have mean we need to resort to using plastic.

Q - How much toilet paper should I order?
A box of 36 double-length rolls should last a family of four people around 2-3 months. Just buy a single box to start off with, then opt for a subscription once you know how long it lasts in your home. If you’re really keen to drill down the math, try this handy toilet roll online calculator.

Q - Is getting a toilet paper delivery a big commitment?
Here at Pure Planet Club, we sell one-off boxes of our bamboo toilet paper, and you can also subscribe to receive a regular delivery. When you sign up, you’ll receive access to a customer portal which you can use to change your delivery frequency, skip a charge date or select a new date entirely.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Toilet Paper

Q - What kind of toilet paper delivery should I get?
There’s no doubt that bamboo toilet roll or recycled toilet roll is a better choice than conventional toilet roll. Global toilet paper production devastates the world’s forests by consuming millions of trees yearly, threatening wildlife habitats and indigenous communities. When virgin trees are cut down to make toilet paper, it can take decades for forests to recover. Not only that, but a single toilet paper roll requires 37 gallons of water to make. To make the best choice for the environment, opt for bamboo toilet paper or recycled toilet paper whenever possible.

Keen to make the switch to buying earth friendly toilet paper that’s delivered straight to your door? Try our 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper. It comes in boxes of 36 rolls double length rolls. You’ll never run out of toilet paper again!