What is eco toilet roll?

We all want to make the best choices we can for ourselves, our families and the planet. Here are some of the benefits of making the switch from conventional loo roll, and the options available.

Q - Why should I buy eco toilet roll?

A - Conventional toilet paper is made from virgin fibers by cutting down trees. Every year thousands of trees are cut down unnecessarily to create products like toilet paper – an estimated 22 billion rolls in Europe alone. So if you use regular toilet paper, you are literally flushing trees down the toilet. Switching to eco toilet roll is a much better option, and there are plenty of choices available to suit different budgets and preferences.

Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

Q - What is eco toilet roll?

A - There are a few options available when it comes to purchasing eco toilet roll including recycled toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper, FSC certified toilet paper and PEFC certified toilet paper.

Q - What are the benefits of switching to eco toilet roll?

A - There are many benefits to switching from conventional toilet roll to eco toilet roll. It helps save our precious trees, forests and land, it conserves water which is used in vast quantities to produce virgin wood pulp (it’s estimated that the production of virgin wood pulp uses almost twice as much water as producing tissue from recycled materials), it reduces the need for chemicals, and decreases landfill volume. It’s also usually safer for septic tanks and low-flow toilets as it disintegrates quickly.

Sustainable Toilet Paper

Q - What is recycled toilet paper?

A - Recycled toilet paper is a great eco option as it’s made from post-consumer recycled content (PCR) - recycled office paper, old stationery and newspaper. Conventional toilet paper, on the other hand, has no recycled or alternative fibres. The process of recycling is also less damaging to the environment than the production required to make conventional or virgin toilet paper, and keeps waste out of landfill. As mentioned before, look for products with FSC or PEFC certification where possible. While bamboo toilet paper is generally considered a more eco-friendly option than recycled toilet paper, it is more expensive to make, so can come with a slightly higher price tag. If you’re on a budget recycled toilet paper is a great option and a much better choice for the planet than conventional toilet paper. Check out toilet paper delivery companies in your area, or compare products and prices at your local supermarket – there are usually plenty of options on offer.

Q - What is bamboo toilet paper?

A - Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant - it regrows as soon as it is cut and is much more sustainable than conventional toilet paper. Bamboo also needs far less water than trees to grow. It’s estimated that bamboo uses thirty per cent less water than hard wood trees. With the average roll of toilet paper requiring around 37 gallons of water to produce, that’s a huge saving on this precious resource. Bamboo also needs a lot less space to grow compared with trees and requires no chemicals for growing or harvesting. Bamboo toilet paper is usually free – or contains far less – of the dyes, chemicals and fragrances often used in conventional toilet paper. Bamboo doesn’t need any extra chemicals to give it strength and softness, it is naturally anti-microbial. In the manufacture of conventional toilet paper, chemicals are added to help it absorb water and give it a bright, white appearance, while inks can be used to create patterns, and fragrances used to scent it.

Pure Planet Club Bamboo Toilet Tissue

So whether you choose recycled paper or bamboo toilet paper, you’ll be making a much better choice for the planet.

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