What does bamboo toilet paper feel like?

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing and most sustainable materials on the planet. It reaches its maximum height in just four months, takes up less space than trees, and doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides. Our Pure Planet Club bamboo toilet paper has a low impact on the earth, breaking down easily and naturally, and is recyclable and biodegradable, safe for RVs and septic tanks.

But while it’s undoubtedly a great choice for the environment, you may be wondering, what does bamboo toilet paper actually feel like?

Is bamboo toilet paper rough?
Because bamboo has the ability to make products that are incredibly soft (and strong) it’s the material of choice for a wide range of luxe household items including bamboo sheets, bath robes, towels and toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is super soft and is recommended for people who are new to using sustainable toilet paper.

Is bamboo toilet paper softer than recycled toilet paper?
Bamboo is super soft and durable, which is why it’s the perfect material source for toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is both soft and thick, giving you all the comfort and absorbency you need. Recycled toilet paper, on the other hand, tends to be coarser and more ‘scratchy’. When compared to toilet tissue made from recycled pulp and virgin pulp, bamboo tops them both. Also, bamboo is naturally antibacterial making it perfect for use in sensitive areas.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

How is bamboo toilet paper made?
The process of making toilet paper from bamboo is fairly straightforward and clean. Raw bamboo is turned into pulp, then pressed into paper in giant-size rolls. These are later divided into small rolls. This is all done with minimal use of water, chemicals and the like.

Bamboo toilet paper reviews
Anyway, don’t take it from us, read some of our reviews to get the low-down from our loyal Pure Planet Club customers.

“This TP is second to none! Soft and comfy, enough durability to do the job but still breaks down easily. (I know this because we have a septic system.). So convenient to have it delivered.” – Judith C.

“Finally! Soft, environmentally friendly toilet paper! I love Pure Planet so much. How great to have it delivered direct to my door.” – Angelina A.

“Pure Planet is eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced. It was a very speedy delivery. Just what we need in these pandemic times. The toilet paper I bought was 3 ply and double length. I love the colored paper coverings on the rolls, it’s like a lucky dip each time you take a roll out of the box. The paper is embossed, soft but strong and gentle. You won’t be sorry and it’s good for the planet. Highly recommended.” – Melissa Y.

Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Where can I buy bamboo toilet paper?
At Pure Planet Club you can purchase a box of 36 rolls of our tree-free bamboo toilet paper as a  one-off option, or you can also set up a handy subscription so your environmentally friendly eco toilet paper is delivered directly to your doorstep – plus you’ll get 10 per cent off each carton. Just set and forget, all from the comfort of your home. We are always adding new products to our range too so watch this space and sign up for our newsletter to be first in the know.