Five eco-friendly tips to host a sustainable Christmas dinner

Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? There are plenty of ways to be more sustainable during the festive season, from gift giving to decorating, and even how you dine and celebrate with loved ones.

1 - Serve locally made food and drinks
For an eco-friendly Christmas feast, go seasonal and local by shopping at your nearest farmers market, bulk food stores or small businesses. Consider making veggies the star of your Christmas table, perhaps have one meat-based main and offer a range of vegetable-based side dishes. If you’re serving alcohol, source beer from a local brewery and choose organic or natural wines.

2 - Create sustainable table decorations
Make your own eco-friendly centerpiece, it’s a great way to get creative and if you have children they’ll have fun getting involved too. Go for a walk and gather fallen branches to create a rustic centerpiece – add some beeswax candles in glass votives to complete the look. Instead of buying cut flowers, place a line of small pot plants down the center of the table. For a sustainable Christmas gift, give a plant to each of your guests at the end of the evening as they leave as a party favor.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Table Center PieceVera Prokhorova via Shutterstock

3 - Use eco-friendly kitchenware
When hosting at home, particularly for large groups, it’s tempting to go down the plastic plates route, but it is much more sustainable (not to mention appealing) to use kitchenware you already have. If you need extra plate or glassware, take a trip to your local second-hand or charity store and stock up on pretty, mismatched plates for a sweet, eclectic look. If you’re hosting an outdoor party or barbeque, choose eco-friendly, compostable plates and cups made from plants to keep your party sustainable.

4 - Buy or make eco-friendly Christmas crackers
Ditch the single-use Christmas crackers and replace them with reusable ones. You can source beautiful crackers made from natural linen or other fabrics and add your own personalized gifts, or get creative – and save money – by making your own. Check out our instructions on how to make your own Christmas crackers. They make great eco-friendly Christmas decorations for your festive table and you can match them to your décor.

Home Made Christmas CrackersDaisy Daisy via Shutterstock

5 - Use up leftovers
If you have tasty food left over after your party, box it up in reusable glass containers and either store it in the fridge or give it to your guests to bring home with them. Beeswax wraps are also a fantastic alternative to cling wrap, and any scraps can be added to your compost bin.