Do's and Don'ts: ingredients to look for and avoid in bathroom products

Being conscious of the products you put on your skin is just as important for you as it is for the environment.

1. Do: Coconut Oil, Don't: Palm Oil
Do: Look for bathroom products that contain coconut oil. Coconut oil is a versatile and sustainable ingredient that's often used in soaps and moisturisers. It is rich in fatty acids, helping to moisturise and nourish the skin. Coconut oil is also derived from a renewable source, making it a much better choice than palm oil. 

Don't: Buy products that contain palm oil. The production of palm oil has been linked to deforestation and habitat destruction, which harms wildlife and contributes to climate change. Choosing products with sustainable alternatives such as coconut oil is a more eco-friendly choice.

Coconut Oil
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2. Do: Essential oils, Don't: Artificial fragrances
Do: Seek out products that contain natural fragrances and essential oils such as peppermint, lemon or lavender. As well as being kind to your skin and the environment, products that contain these ingredients are far less likely to irritate your skin. 

Don't: Buy products with artificial fragrances. Synthetic fragrances can contain harmful chemicals and allergens that may irritate the skin. Opt for products that contain essential oils or natural fragrances instead. 

3. Do: Aloe Vera, Don't: Parabens
Do: Choose products that contain soothing aloe vera, which has wonderful moisturising and healing properties. It can provide relief from skin irritations, sunburn, and dryness, making it an excellent choice for bathroom products. 

Don't: Buy products that contain parabens. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that may disrupt hormones and harm the environment. Look for products that are labelled as paraben-free. 

Aloe Vera
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4. Do: Natural bar soaps, Don't: Shop-bought soaps that contain SLS 
Do: Choose natural cleansing bar soaps made with pure ingredients. Look for soaps that contain ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, shea butter and essential oils. They are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. 

Don't: Buy conventional soaps that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). SLS is a harsh surfactant that can strip the skin of its natural oils and may be irritating to sensitive skin.
5. Do: Natural Exfoliants, Don't: Micro-plastics 
Do: Look for products like exfoliating soap bars that contain natural exfoliants such as jojoba beads, sea salt, pumice or oatmeal. These are gentle on the skin and biodegradable, making them a great option for exfoliating without harming the environment. 

Don't: Buy products that contain micro-plastics. These tiny plastic particles are detrimental to the environment, as they contribute to plastic pollution in water bodies and can be consumed by marine life, and in turn, us. Choose products with eco-friendly exfoliants instead. 

exfoliating cream
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By following these ‘do's and don'ts’ when it comes to ingredients in bathroom, personal care and skincare products, you can make informed choices that are not only better for your skin but also for the environment. Prioritizing products with sustainable, natural ingredients such as our Elliqua Cleansing Body Bars will contribute to a greener and more responsible personal care routine.