Double Length 100% Plant-Based Toilet Paper
Double Length 100% Plant-Based Toilet Paper
Double Length 100% Plant-Based Toilet Paper
Double Length 100% Plant-Based Toilet Paper

Double Length 100% Plant-Based Toilet Paper

  • 3-ply, tree-free, plastic-free toilet tissue
  • Double length
  • 300 sheets per roll
  • 36 rolls per box
  • Made from renewable Bamboo and Sugarcane
  • Get 10% off if you subscribe to one box or more

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Money Back Gurantee
Recyclable & Septic Safe
Save on Toilet Tissue
Sustainable Toilet Paper Made from Bamboo
Approximately 27,000 trees are chopped down every day to manufacture toilet paper, and this
number is growing rapidly as more people switch to toilet paper and our global population continues to grow.

We know it’s not something that everyone wants to think about. Most people will pick up a few rolls when they’ve run out. But for those who are becoming more eco conscious and want to do their part for Mother Nature, Pure Planet Club can help.

We’re on a mission. We want to make sustainable products easier to buy. That’s why we offer our 3-ply toilet paper online, either as a one-off purchase, a bulk purchase or as a convenient subscription.

Soft. Safe. Sustainable.
Quality TP doesn't need to cost the Earth. Discover the benefits of Tree-Free and feel the difference with each wipe.

Pure Planet Club – Redefining the Norm
Pure Planet Club are committed to the environment. Plastic pollution is causing
irreversible damage to our planet at an alarming rate, so not only do we ensure
our 3 ply bamboo toilet paper comes to your door completely recycled, we also
ensure it’s not wrapped up in plastic that’s simply going to be torn open and
thrown out.

Keep our forests green and our oceans clean. Choose Pure Planet Club.
3-ply, sustainable, BPA free and Septic Safe Toilet Paper
Pure Planet Toilet Paper
100% tree-free, 100% recyclable, 100% plastic-free and 100% bamboo & sugarcane toilet paper
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