What does recycled toilet paper feel like?

While you may think recycled toilet paper is a lesser product compared with conventional toilet paper, the truth is it has come a long way since it first hit supermarket shelves in 2008.

We all want to do our part to live a more sustainable life, and if you’re looking for eco swaps you can make around the home, one product that can make your bathroom greener is eco-friendly toilet paper.

However, comfort is important too and no one wants to feel like they are using sandpaper either! In this month’s blog, we break down all the facts about recycled toilet paper and what it really feels like.

How is recycled toilet paper made?
Contrary to what some may think, recycled toilet paper is not actually made from previously used loo roll. It’s created from post-consumer recycled content (PCR) such as recycled office paper, old stationery and newspaper. It’s super eco-friendly and cost effective.

Is recycled toilet paper rough?
Recycled toilet paper may feel a little different to conventional toilet paper, which is made from virgin trees. Tissue products made from 100 per cent recycled paper are sometimes not quite as soft as standard tissue products, since fibers in recycled paper are shorter than fibers directly from trees. That said, as we mentioned before, it has come a long way over the past few years and is still a very comfortable wipe! In some cases, recycled toilet paper is actually softer than conventional toilet paper products.

Environmentally Friendly Toilet Paper

Why should we use recycled toilet paper?
While recycled toilet paper is made by re-using a variety of materials, virgin toilet paper has no recycled or alternative fibers. The process of recycling is also less damaging to the environment than the production required to make conventional or virgin toilet paper, and keeps waste out of landfill. Try to buy products with FSC or PEFC certification when you can.

Which is better, conventional toilet paper or recycled toilet paper?
Without a doubt, earth friendly toilet paper such as recycled toilet paper is a better option than conventional toilet paper. Every day 27,000 trees are cut down just to make conventional toilet paper, so opting for recycled toilet paper is an excellent choice for our forests, planet and the very air we breathe. By choosing to buy recycled toilet paper you’re helping to reduce deforestation, which means that the trees which are saved from being cut down for toilet paper and other disposable products can be left in place to produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and gases, and provide natural habitats for animals.

Is it better to buy bulk recycled toilet paper?
The short answer is yes. Buying bulk tissue can minimize manufacturing and packaging waste, as well as reducing fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions during shipping. Larger rolls also minimize the use of wood pulp by providing more tissue per tube. By placing a larger order that lasts several months, you’ll also streamline the consumption of product packaging and shipping boxes.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Where can I buy recycled toilet paper?
At Pure Planet Club you can purchase a box of 36 rolls of our 100% recycled toilet paper as a one-off option, or you can also set up a handy subscription so your environmentally friendly eco toilet paper is delivered directly to your doorstep – plus you’ll get 10 per cent off each carton. Just set and forget, all from the comfort of your home. At Pure Planet Club, not only are our toilet paper rolls recycled, all our packaging is plastic-free too. We are always adding new plastic-free bathroom products to our range too so watch this space and sign up for our newsletter to be first in the know.