10 eco-friendly gifts for Valentines Day

Choosing sustainable, earth-friendly Valentine's gifts is a thoughtful way to show your love while also being mindful of the environment. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1 - Make a homemade card
Did you know it takes one tree to make 3000 gift cards, and approximately 145 million Valentines Cards are exchanged in the US alone, most of which will end up in the bin. Make a handmade card or write a poem for your beloved - much more romantic and environmentally friendly.

valentines day cards
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2 - Gift fair-trade chocolate
Everyone loves chocolate but a lot of it is unsustainable or made unethically. Some great, ethically made brands include Pana Organic, Alter Eco, Loving Earth and Tony’s Chocolonely. They may cost a little extra but the taste and peace of mind is worth it. Don’t forget to stock up in the post-Valentines Day sales too!

3 - Scrub up for love
Pure Planet Club’s divine Elliqua soaps make a beautiful gift for your sweetheart. Choose natural unscented, citrus + herbal musk, coconut + vanilla, or cucumber + mint – or splurge on a few! These luxe soaps turn daily routines into a pampering experience and tick all the boxes, being cruelty free, naturally derived, vegan-friendly and free of nasties.

4 - Choose upcycled or recycled jewelry
Consider buying jewelry made from recycled materials or upcycled items. Vintage or second-hand pieces also make for unique and sustainable gifts.

5 - Snuggle up with a blanket
Weighted blankets are so popular right now, and if you choose one that’s made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or organic cotton, they make a great eco-friendly gift too. Your sweetie will feel like they are getting a warm hug every time they use it.

pink blanket and mug
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6 - Light a candle
Scented candles are romantic and atmospheric, but make sure you choose an eco-friendly version made with natural ingredients such as bees wax, coconut or soy wax. Bonus points if they are fragranced with essential oils.

7 - Buy a plant
Give a potted plant or a small indoor succulent instead of cut flowers. They last longer and can be enjoyed for much longer. Anthuriums, orchids, peace lilies, heart ferns, string of hearts, hoya hearts and heartleaf philodendron are all great house plant choices and relatively easy to care for.

pink plant
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8 - Buy a subscription
Gift your loved one a subscription box that delivers eco-friendly and sustainable products, such as beauty products, snacks or household items. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

9 - Plan a fun date
Plan a day out or an experience together, such as a cooking class, hiking trip or a visit to a local museum or art gallery. This minimizes the need for physical gifts plus your sweetie will appreciate the effort you have made to plan something special.

10 - Book a romantic getaway
For maximum brownie points, book a weekend away in a cozy cabin or eco-friendly hotel for special memories that will last longer than most gifts. It’s also the perfect gift if your loved one prefers experiences to gifts, enjoy the outdoors, or just need a little break from day-to-day life.