Bamboo & Sugarcane Waste Toilet Tissue

We first heard about a troubling statistic that approximately 27,000 trees were chopped down every day to manufacture toilet paper. We were immediately concerned with the rate at which toilet paper consumption was increasing around the globe, leading to even more trees being unnecessarily sacrificed.

We visualised a solution that people would want to use, love and maintain. We strived to create a product that would allow average people to make a huge difference with minimal effort. We knew this product had to be a simple lifestyle change to really work.

We bring you Tree-Free, Plastic-Free toilet tissue made from bamboo and sugarcane waste, two of the most renewable and eco-friendly resources in the world!

Natural Deodorant

Did you know Aluminium-containing deodorants and antiperspirants prevent your body from sweating, sounds great, right? To achieve this the aluminium clogs up lymph nodes around the armpits and breasts, which is a known cause of breast cancer. Our skin absorbs this aluminium and this affects the blood brain barrier, this has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

This is why we refused to accept a aluminium tin as a plastic alternative for our natural deodorant. Instead we bring you our 100% Plastic-free, Aluminium-free, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, compostable & USDA certified organic deodorant in an eco-friendly, uncoated post consumer waste paper packaging!

Natural Lip Balm

There are millions of nerve endings around your lips, this is the reason they are so sensitive. There is no protective tissue, which makes your lips extremely vulnerable to external factors and risks.

Lip Balm can aid by adding a barrier between your lips and these external factors, and what better barrier than Pure Planet Club Natural Lip Balms!

Our Lip Balms contain no nasties, only certified Organic ingredients in our post consumer waste paper packaging to keep your lips luscious and plastic-free!