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Bamboo Toilet Tissue

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100% Plant-based & Plastic-Free
RV & Septic Safe Toilet Rolls
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Our Impact

At least 9 million trees are flushed 
down toilets every year, 
and 8 million tons of plastic enters 
our ocean, all to make basic toilet paper. 
At Pure Planet club we're determined 
to save the planet, one toilet roll at a time. 
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Our Rolls

The ordinary toilet roll, re-imagined. 
Our 3-ply toilet tissue is made 
from renewable and fast-growing 
bamboo and sugarcane waste materials, 
this makes every sheet
biodegradable and eco-friendly.
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Save The World With Each Wipe

We are Pure Planet Club, creators of tree-free and plastic-free household products, designed to help you save the planet from the comfort of your own home. Our first product is Bamboo and Sugarcane, tree-free toilet tissue, ordered online and delivered straight to your door.

How to order our Toilet Rolls

We have two convenient options for ordering your tree-free, plastic-free toilet tissue. 
Place your order online with our easy check out options, sit back, relax 
and your toilet tissue will arrive to you in no time. 

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Want to give us a try? Our one off purchase is the perfect way to see if our toilet paper rolls are the right fit for you.
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We offer a huge 20% off our tree-free toilet tissue for those who opt to subscribe to Pure Planet Club. 
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