6 Questions you have for us... Answered

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One of the things we’re often asked is what goes into our rolls, and if our tissue isn’t made from trees, then what on earth is it actually made from?

First of all, great question. Second, sit back, relax and allow us to explain a little about the magic that goes behind every Pure Planet tree-free toilet paper roll.

1) So, what are your rolls actually made from?

Bamboo and Sugarcane. That's all it is.

And don't worry, we don't steal them from pandas nor do we clear sugarcane fields to supply the materials for our rolls. Plus, we could never do that to pandas - they're too cute! 

We use Bamboo and Sugarcane waste materials that are deemed unusable by the industrial and commercial industry, where there are tonnes of wastage. Sourcing them from well-managed plantations in Northern Areas of Asia where bamboo is native to their land, we use these as the basis to create our unearthly tree-free soft bath tissue. 

2) They're good for the planet - but are they good for people too?

Our rolls are as good for your bum as it is for the world.

Toxic chemicals? Yeah, we don't want none of that here.

We learnt that there were some pretty nasty ingredients used to make regular and even recycled toilet paper (such as Bisphenol-A), so we made sure to only use 100% chemical-free natural alternatives. A natural alternative to chemical bleaching, our bath tissue is whitened using Hydrogen Peroxide.

And don't worry - we didn't forget about the wrapping paper.

Using only water-based inks that are vegan-friendly, our rolls are designed to make every bathroom look like no other. 


3) OK, cool! But what's the difference between your toilet paper and recycled toilet paper?

Glad you asked because there's a huge difference!

Recycling tree fibres and waste is a finite process, which means trees will continue to be destroyed in producing regular and recycled toilet paper :(

We tackle the root problem (pun intended), and stop the flushing of trees entirely.

The solution?

Our not-so-secret formula: renewable and sustainably-sourced bamboo, sugarcane and recycled materials.

4) It doesn't feel like sandpaper - right?

Absolutely not. And trust us, we know exactly how it feels. And it isn't pleasant. 

In fact, by using 1-Ply or 2-Ply toilet paper, we scratch our bums 1000 times a year.

Let that sink in. 

And while a lot of people aren't very outspoken about such a taboo subject, wiping with rough and tough toilet paper can irritate the soft rectal tissue, leading to painful and unhygienic infections and conditions like haemorrhoids or anal abscess.

No, thank you. That's bum torture, if you ask us. 

Since our rolls are made from bamboo and sugarcane, the quality of the rolls are actually very, very soft (almost cloud-like). We'll try not to go into too much detail, but it's like the feeling of silk on your bum. 

It's comfy, incredibly smooth and almost life-changing. 

We want you to feel that way. 


5) So, absolutely no plastic on the packaging?

You heard it right.

In the pursuit to becoming the most environmentally-friendly toilet roll, we've abandoned the thought of using plastic packaging because it doesn’t break down (not biodegradable), is dangerous to aquatic life, and is an avid carrier of harmful toxins.

Instead we use a paper-style of wrapping made from Bamboo and Recycled Post-Consumer waste, which is individually hand-wrapped before being placed into your box. Yes that’s right, the employees in our factory wrap each roll with their own hands, to preserve and maintain hygiene, whilst providing the employees with income.

It also allows you to be creative, too.

If you can do better, we want to see it ;)

6) Sounds great! Last question... what's the best toilet paper joke you have?

Hmmm... that's a hard one.

Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?

Because he wanted to get to the bottom. (We're sorry, it sounded good in our minds)

Still itching with a question we haven't answered?

Contact us and we'll get back to you right away.

The trees, the cute sea turtles and mother nature sends their regards.




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