Tips and Tricks for Plastic Free July and a Plastic Free Forever

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Plastic Free July is all about “choosing to refuse” single use plastics for the month of July. Our goal is to spend this month really focusing on helping you to eliminate all single-use plastic from your lifestyle, but forever instead of just during July.

Plastic free July is the perfect time to start. We here at Pure Planet Club have been living a plastic-free lifestyle for a few years now. That’s what inspired us to create a tree-free, plastic-free toilet tissue, to help save the world with every wipe.

Start simple

It can be overwhelming once you do some research and find out how many items we use regularly contain plastic. It can seem all too hard and this is when some people tend give up. Don’t give up. Start simple. It’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.


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The easiest swaps

Start with these simple earth-saving, plastic-reducing ideas to kick start your new #plasticfreelife.


  • Say no to shopping bags at the store, take your own cotton bag or other reusable alternative.


  • Say no to plastic straws when you order a drink, many venues are now going plastic straw free, yippee! You can even keep your own reusable straw with you if you really can’t let go of drinking this way.


  • When ordering take-away food ask the restaurant if you can use your own container and provide this to them, many small businesses and cafes are very on board with this practice now and will be happy to put your order into your own reusable container.


  • Take a reusable mug or cup to the café when ordering your coffee of a morning, some cafes now even offer a discount if you bring your own cup.


  • Buy a long-lasting glass water bottle and refill this wherever you go, instead of purchasing bottled water in plastic.


  • Keep your own cutlery set with you in your bag or car, so if you do have to eat on the go, you can do so #plasticfree by avoiding plastic cutlery.

You can check out our list of 5 eco-friendly household alternatives here.


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Taking your plastic free living to the next level

 Below we have listed some more in depth solutions to a plastic-free lifestyle. These will require a little more effort, although once you get started it will be so easy that you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.


  • Avoid buying pre-packaged produce and skip those single-use produce bags at the grocery store. Opt for unwrapped fruit and vegetables and bring along your own reusable bags. If you want to shop organic, find your local farmers market, co-op or fruit and veg store and support the smaller, local businesses who don't wrap their organic produce in plastic.


  • Avoid disposable toothpaste tubes buy making your own toothpaste at home from coconut oil, bicarb soda and peppermint essential oil. You can store your creation in a glass jar. Not only is this option eco-friendly but it is great for your body too as you are avoiding the nasty chemicals in store-bought products.


  • Cut out the junk food. Most processed foods come in plastic packaging. Not only will avoiding these types of foods be good for the environment, it will benefit your waistline and health as well. Packaged snack food is generally not good for you and is definitely not good for the environment.


  • For the ladies, switch out disposable sanitary items for an eco-friendly reusable menstrual cup. Good for you and great for the environment.


  • Can’t go without fizzy drinks? Try a soda stream or buy sparkling water in glass bottles instead.


  • Take reusable bread bags to your local bakery instead of buying bread wrapped in plastic from the grocery store.


  • Switch from plastic bottle body wash to an eco-friendly bar soap, these can also be found for shampoo and conditioner now too. If all else fails, many products are now sold in milk carton type containers or glass bottles.


  • Ditch the plastic toothbrush for an eco-friendly bamboo alternative. This is a household item that needs to be replaced regularly and will make a huge difference.


  • Next time you replace your razor, opt for stainless steel shaver, not only do these last a lot longer than the plastic razors they are environmentally friendly too.


  • When you purchase a hair brush or comb, there are many bamboo options to choose from, these are plastic free, great for your hair and the environment.



There you have it, some simple switches to make Plastic Free July a walk in the park, and hopefully the beginning of a plastic free forever for you and your family.


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