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Guest Blogger: Shire Lyon from Mommy's Promise Online

We all strive to protect our families from harsh, chemical-filled products. We avoid toxic chemical treatments for our lawns because our children play in the grass. We use natural laundry detergent for that sensitive skin. We read food labels and choose only the best products, but we tend to neglect products we use in the bathroom. Check out these superb alternatives to their nasty chemical cousins.


You’re saying to yourself, “Soap is all the same, isn’t it?” Far from it! Many soaps contain sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. They dry the skin and expose us to chemicals that damage our skin.

They can contain environmental pollutants like microbeads too. Why are microbeads bad? Because they’re tiny plastic pellets that go through the water treatment plant and end up in oceans and fish bellies.

Ready to ditch the yucky stuff? Try a product like Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap or Burt’s Bee’s Baby Shampoo and Wash. They stick to simple, natural ingredients whenever possible.



If you put it in your mouth, it should only be one of the safest products you can find. Have you ever read a toothpaste label? It’s likely you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients. Again, you might find microbeads in your toothpaste. They’re used in many products and then end up in the ocean. You might also find sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol too.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant (or detergent), and surfactants break up the surface tension of a liquid. That may not mean much to you, but it’s harmful to insects and animals exposed to it. It can also cause skin irritation in humans.

Propylene glycol has many uses including as a food additive. While it’s generally considered safe, children younger than four and pregnant women have less of an ability to break the additive down.

Choose natural alternatives like Tom’s of Maine Botanically Fresh Toothpaste or Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste. Extra credit: Make some toothpaste yourself!

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a luxury most of us have come to know and love. Unfortunately, it’s not great for the environment. Using toilet paper made from trees means that you’re literally throwing trees down the drain. The next problem comes from the waste it leaves behind. Since we go to the bathroom often, replacing this waste producer has a significant impact.

What should you replace it with? Something like Pure Planet Club’s toilet tissue. It’s tree-free and plastic-free. It also comes from sustainable sources - sugarcane and bamboo.


Pure Planet Club Toilet Tissue

Bathroom Cleaners

Obviously, the bathroom can harbor plenty of harmful bacteria. That doesn’t mean the cleansers you use to freshen it up have to be poisonous to your or the environment. Ammonia, chlorine bleach and other cleaning agents are harsh on the skin and often dangerous to inhale.

Let’s face it. Bathroom cleaners are not family-friendly. If consumed, they’ll cause sickness and potentially even death. Why would we want to keep these chemicals in our home? Nature has given us so many alternatives; we don’t need all of those scary products constantly marketed to us.

You can definitely use products you have around the house like baking soda and vinegar to clean your house. You can even make your own orange or lemon oils to clean with. If making your own is outside of your talents, there are also great items you can purchase. Mrs. Meyer’s and Ecos are just two of the many safe cleaning brands on the market today.


Makeup Brushes

People don’t often think about the impact their makeup brushes have. Those synthetic fibers are usually made of nylon or some other man-made substance. That means they’re made from chemicals - usually petroleum based. Ditching them means using less plastic in your everyday life.

It’s just as easy to get a beautiful look with natural, petroleum-free brushes. Switching natural hair brushes doesn’t mean that you’re advocating the abuse or torture of animals either. You can buy cruelty-free brushes and applicators from 100% Pure. You can also check out Ecotools for makeup and hair brushes that are cruelty-free.

Bath Towels

Last but not least, bath towels are one thing you can’t shower without. You probably don’t think much about how your towel is made or what it’s made out of. It could be made from cotton, or perhaps a synthetic blend. Then, there are the dyes that color your towels. You’re likely exposing your family to a variety of chemicals and petroleum products every time they bathe.

You might only buy cotton towels, but even traditional cotton towels contain chemicals. Cotton can also be a detriment to the environment depending on how it’s grown. Farmers use pesticides and may not use sustainable practices.  

Replace your towels with organic cotton ones from Coyuchi or bamboo towels from the Ultimate Green Store.



There are many things you can replace in your bathroom and throughout your home. Making a change with a few simple products will lessen your family’s impact on the environment and limit your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Make the switch today!


A little bit about Mommy's Promise Online

As moms, we always want to provide our kids with the best of everything, from education to food to toys. We are concerned with giving our children healthy, homemade food and living a clean lifestyle, so toys were a natural next step. Toys are such a big part of a child's life, and we knew there were other parents who wanted safe, durable, sustainable toys to give their children too. Our goal is to provide your family with the best products possible, just as we would our own. In order to help ease the burden on the environment, we also have a tree planted with every purchase. We want to protect the earth not just for our children, but our grandchildren and great grandchildren too. 

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